Friday February 21 , 2020
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Competency Medals

To those that are interested in perfecting their technique and learning some new moves, working towards a competency medal can provide the goal to focus on.

Students can achieve competency medals in Latin,Ballroom or New Vogue (Championship dances - NOT SEQUENCE) rhythms, or there is also an option to do a Composite Medal, which includes one dance from each genre.

There are set routines to be mastered in each of the styles, in three rhythms, before dancing in front of a certified examiner, who judges the competency level and grants the medal.

Competency medals are Bronze, Silver and Gold and these signify different levels of ability (and consist of more advanced and complex routines).

Working towards medals can focus your dance practice and significantly build up your skill levels. And you get a beautiful certificate to hang on the wall and prove your skill!!