Friday February 21 , 2020
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Give The Perfect Gift


Looking for that perfect gift for someone who has everything? We think that a pre-paid membership to our Introduction, Intermediate or Private lessons is sure to be a big hit.

How often have you heard your friends say that they'd love to learn how to dance? Like the rest of us, we always put it off when faced with everyday demands on our time.

But when you give the gift of a pre-paid Introduction, Intermediate or Private membership, there are no excuses! And your friends will thank you - for surprising them with a unique present and for making it easy for them to learn to dance!

All of these memberships can be provided to you or sent directly to the recipient, attached to a gift card and your choice of dedication written inside.

The Introduction Course is perfect for those new to dancing - click here for more information and pricing.

The Intermediate Membership is great if the recipient has done some basic dancing and is ready for more advanced steps - click here for more information and pricing.

The Private Membership is an excellent choice to get dancers ready for a special occasion (such as a Wedding Dance), to get dancers to the next level, or just to get them dancing the quickest way possible by focussing only on dance styles of interest - click here for more information and pricing.

If you are ready to purchase a gift membership, please contact us and we will arrange it!