Friday February 21 , 2020
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Merengue is a fun Latin dance with a very simple two step rythmn. It is danced by dragging one's feet along the ground, as if shackled with a ball and chain! Also known as the pretzel dance, it is one of the simplest and most fun social dances!

Merengue :: Sample Video

Besides dragging the feet, the knees have to be fairly bent so as to get the hips swaying.

The "pretzel dance" name comes from the dancers holding each others hands, then not letting go while attempting a variety of spins and turns!

Beginner Routine

(1) Starting with right foot, 8 steps forward;
(2) 8 Side Steps to the left;
(3) 8 Steps back;
(4) 8 Steps anti-clockwise half circle;
(5) 8 Side Steps to the left;
(6) 8 Steps clockwise half circle; (ready to start again)

Sample Merengue Music