Friday February 21 , 2020
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Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz is the original (European) waltz. It is a fast dance that rotates, sways, rises and falls while travelling quickly around the dance floor!!

Viennesse Waltz :: Sample Video

Not to be confused with its slow popular counterpart (the Modern Waltz) the Viennese Waltz is a lively and fast dance that whizzes around the dancefloor at a fast 180 beats per minute!

The music for waltzes has three beats per bar and the basic steps of the Viennese Waltz involve the natural waltz turn step (clockwise) and reverse turn (anticlockwise). Couples travel around the outside of dancefloor in an anti-clockwise direction.

There are modern additions to the basic steps, such as side sways and underarm turns, but traditionalists stick to the two turn steps.

Beginner Routine

Natural Turn:

This involves doing the Waltz's Natural Box Step while holding the torso (shoulders) twisted 1/4 turn clockwise. This forces the box step to turn to the right during the diagonal steps. In the Viennese Waltz though, each half of the Box Step turns an entire Half Circle!

Start on outside of dance floor, left side to centre:
(1) (Lower body) Right foot forward;
(2) Left foot forward, turning body as passes right foot, finishing behind body (raise on toes, tilt left torso up);
(3) Right foot closes with pressure (on toes); (at this stage you have your right side to the centre of the dance floor)
(4) (Lower body) Left foot back;
(5) Right foot back, turning body as passes the left foot, finishing in front of body (raise on toes, tilt right torso up);
(6) Left foot closes with pressure (on toes); (at this stage back where started with left side to the centre of the dance floor, ready to repeat)

Some Intermediate Steps

  • Change of Direction
  • Reverse Turn

Sample Viennesse Waltz Music