Friday February 21 , 2020
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Beginners Dance Lessons

If you are new to dancing, then you'll like our Beginner's dance lessons. Here you will quickly master the basic steps of all the popular dances. No partner is required!

Beginners Lessons

Ezyway Approach

We have a unique, tried and tested approach to get you out there dancing in the quickest time possible!

It is quite simple - it works by repetition. We split the many dances we teach you into two groups, then teach you the basic steps of these dances every week.

This means that every two weeks, you repeat the same dance steps and they quickly become 'second nature'.

The problem with other approaches, such as learning the one dance in a session, is that it becomes weeks or months before that style is taught again, and by then the student has forgotten that dance so needs to begin again.

Partner Not Required

In our Beginner's Lessons we teach you without a partner! This lets you learn at your own pace.

It is difficult enough to learn the dance steps, without also having to address all the issues of dancing with a partner.

And by learning the steps on your own, you are neither rushed nor slowed down by others. Each works at their own pace.

We get very good feedback on our approach and we find most of our students are ready to 'move up' to the Intermediate classes after only about 6 to 10 weeks!

Don't Be Shy

It can be a bit intimidating starting something new. We would like to assure you that you don't have to worry with us!

We have a very social and casual group - always ready to meet new comers and provide words of encouragement.

We welcome everyone - and you will see that if you are struggling (and we all struggled at the beginning) there are many other students who will jump in and help you out.

Dance Rhythms

In the Beginner's Classes you will learn:

Join Any Time

Though we have some predefined courses, some of our classes do not follow a fixed schedule, which means you can join our classes at any time.

It also means that if you can't make some lessons, there is no harm done, as you can just pick up where you left off when you come back.

12 Week Introduction Course

At all our studios we offer set 12 Week Introduction Courses, which are designed to take beginners to a level where they will be comfortable dancing with a partner at a social dance.

Beginners Prices

Pay As You Go

If you would like to pay for lessons as you go, our rate is only $15 per 1hr lesson.

12 Week Course

You can save a lot by pre-paying for a "12 Week Introduction Course".

Our Introduction Course is available at the very special price of $100 for 12 x 1hr lessons. And the classes don't have to be over 12 consecutive weeks. So if you have a busy calendar and can only make a class every 2 or 3 weeks, you won't lose your lessons. You just jump back on in when you can! Alternatively, you could take more than one class a week at our various locations and learn even quicker.

Class Timetable

Ready to get started? Click here for our timetable!