Friday February 21 , 2020
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Advanced and Private Lessons

Advanced/Private lessons work best for developing your dancing quickly as well as for more focused teaching, such as preparing you for a special event, like a Wedding Dance.

Our lessons are customised to your specific needs and we can teach you singly or as a group (for example we can teach your Wedding Party together).

Advanced And Private Lessons


Our Private Lessons are completely flexible and customised to your special needs.

You can use them to quickly advance your dance skills, work towards a particular goal (for example if training for competency Medals), or to prepare yourself for a special occasion (such as a Wedding).

Lessons are charged by the hour and we can teach you singly, as a couple or as a group. You are free to choose the dance, the style and the steps you want to learn.

Any Time By Prior Arrangement

We do not have fixed schedules for our Private Lessons, so please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

We teach out of various studios, or can also teach at a location of your choice (provided it has a dance floor and enough space to practice your dance).

Add to Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course is a great way of learning and practicing new moves and techniques - plus it has the added bonus of getting to attend the Beginners for added practice and reinforcement.

On top of this, we find many of our Intermediate students also like to take Private Lessons to help them develop their dancing faster.

With Private Lessons you can hone in on the areas or moves you are interested in, then work on them exclusively for as long as it takes.

Then back in the Intermediate Course you can keep practicing your new steps and techniques in a group environment.

Special Events

Bridal DanceThrough our personalised private lessons, we can teach you how to dance confidently and competently at your special occasion.

We can provide customised lessons, either preparing a short choreographed routine (e.g. a Bridal Waltz) or teach you some basic steps and let you freestyle.

If looking for something a bit different, there are many dance styles we can teach you, so you can be quite creative in your choice.

We can also choreograph your dance to suit your chosen music and can also recommend what dance styles would work best.

The number of lessons you will need will depend on the complexity of your chosen dance, your skills and whether you are learning as a couple or with your whole Wedding Party.

We recommend you start your lessons early, especially if you are beginners, say four to six months before the event, so that you have enough time to learn and practice the dance without stress.

At a bare minimum please put aside at least 6 weeks' worth of lessons (with practice at home in between lessons) and if time permits, please allow a full 10 weeks!

See below for our very special pricing when booking a pre-paid 10 week Private course.


Private Lesson Pricing

Our private lessons are charged by the hour, so it is the same cost to teach you singly, as a couple or teach your group together (eg. a Wedding Party).

Ask us about our specials.


Pre-Paid Private Course

If you pre-pay for the Private Course, we give you a personalised membership card, then when you come in for the lessons, we tick them off, so you never miss out if for some reason you can't make it at regular times. Contact us for more details.