Friday February 21 , 2020
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Frequent Questions

What should I wear? Do I need to book, or can I join any time? Many people have similar questions.

What should I wear?

Our classes are very casual, so there is no need to dress up.

It is best to wear comfortable clothes that let you move freely. In winter, a tip is to wear a couple of layers, so that as you warm up you can take off a layer. In summer it can get quite hot, so light clothing is more appropriate.

A more important element is choice of shoes. Try to choose shoes without grippy soles, as you will need to spin and slide along the floor. For guys, a tip is to avoid pointy shoes or those with protruding edges, as these are more likely to kick or step on partners. For ladies, shoes with a strap work best to keep them from falling off while dancing.

What about dance shoes?

Dance Shoes

After you've been dancing a while and find you like it, eventually you will start considering dance shoes.

The special thing about dance shoes is their suede soles. Suede works very well for dancing, as you can apply pressure to get grip, but it is also smooth enough to freely spin and easily slide the feet along the floor.

In fact, once you get used to dancing with dance shoes, it becomes very hard to dance without them!

You can buy dance shoes in local shops catering to dancers, but if you know your way around a computer, you will find some good prices on ebay and in web based shops.

Do I need to book?

There is no need to book! Simply turn up for your first lesson when you are ready.

Do I need a partner?

You do not need a partner in our Beginner classes. Our method teaches students individually, as we find this approach makes it quicker to learn the basic steps.

The Intermediate classes teach students to dance together. If you don't have a partner, then there may be other students also looking for a dance partner.

Typically more ladies than men learn to dance, so men (especially those without dance partners) are very welcome!

Class Timetable

Ready to get started? Click here for our timetable - then simply come along when you are ready!