Friday February 21 , 2020
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Intermediate Dance Lessons

Once you've been doing the Beginners dance lessons for a while, or if you've done a bit of dancing before and feel you know the basic steps, you will want to take it a bit further.

Our Intermediate dance lessons extend on the steps you know by refining your technique, adding steps to your repertoire and, of course, teaching you how to dance with a partner.

Intermediate Lessons


When you are ready to take your dancing further, you can join the Intermediate Classes, which have a similar approach to the Introduction Classes, in that we focus on a few dances each night (typically 3 styles) and we choose them from those presented in the Introduction Class that night (to help those that are staying for both lessons - see below for our special offer when pre-paying for Intermediate lessons).

Our approach is to teach you at your own pace, so in the Intermediate Classes we will go through different steps - some for the more experienced and some for the newer dancers.

You choose which steps to learn based on your ability and help is always close at hand, both from the teacher as well as other helpful students, to get you through.

Learning With A Partner

Each dance is quite unique and we take the time to teach you the different feel and techniques of each - from how to hold your partner to how to move and sway your body to the rhythm.

If you are learning as a couple, then in the Intermediate Classes you learn to dance with each other.

If you are a single, then you can learn to dance with other singles or with the teacher.


Where in the Beginner Classes we focus on learning the steps, in the Intermediate Classes we learn the technique of each dance style.

Each dance style is quite unique in its feeling and this is reflected in the moves: the beat; speed; sway; rise and falls; etc.

As you progress in your ability we introduce new elements gradually so that you are not overwhelmed.

New Steps

Part of the fun of Intermediate Classes is learning new steps. This keeps dancing 'fresh' and improves your skills.

We present different levels of difficulty in our classes, so that both the more novice and the more advanced get something out of our lessons.

And though we do teach lots of new steps, you will find that you don't have to remember them all. In fact, most people know half a dozen steps to any one dance, the ones they like the most, and just mix them up when they dance to make it look both good and natural.

Join Any Time

Our Classes do not follow a fixed schedule, which means you can join our classes at any time.

It also means that if you can't make some lessons, there is no harm done, as you can just pick up where you left off when you come back.

Intermediate Pricing

Pay as you go

If you choose to pay as you go, then Intermediate Classes cost $15 per 1hr lesson.

Pre-Paid Intermediate Course

If you pre-pay for the Intermediate Course, you get 10 x 1hr Intermediate lessons for only $100 - but wait, there's more...

When you pre-pay you also get to do the Beginner Classes, which take place immediately prior to the Intermediate Classes, at no extra cost!

This means you get a total of 10 x 2hrs worth of dance classes  for only $100!

Class Timetable

Ready to get started? Click here for our timetable - then simply come along when you are ready!