Friday February 21 , 2020
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Wedding Dance Lessons


Are you looking for wedding dance lessons to prepare for your first dance or a special function? We can get you looking great in only a few lessons and we can teach you privately or your whole party as a group.

We can help you make that wedding dance or special occasion one to remember!

The choice of dance style and complexity of your dance is completely up to you and the time you have available.

Some ideas for dance styles are:

You can choose to learn a choreographed sequence or free style approach.

With a sequence, you learn the steps for the dance along with the sequence of specific moves. The length and complexity of the dance can be adjusted to suit your event, abilities and time available to learn.

Learning free style means you learn the steps and moves, how to lead and follow, so that on the night you are free to take the dance wherever the mood takes you. A great advantage of free style dancing is that you can take your new found talents to the dance floor on other occasions!

We recommend that you allow a minimum of 6 dance lessons, but more preferably 10 dance lessons if you have the time (click here to find out about our private wedding dance lessons and our special pre-paid price when buying 10 lessons!).