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So You Would Like To Dance? Great, we will show you how... the Ezyway! Learning to dance improves your health, builds self confidence, puts fun in your life and you make new friends.
Wedding Dance Lessons Are you looking for wedding dance lessons to prepare for your first dance or a special function? We can get you looking great in only a few lessons and we can teach you privately or your whole party as a group.
For The More Advanced... Over the past 30 years we have taught many advanced dancers how to perfect their techniques, many going on to great success in the world of dance.
Introduction Course Special Our special 12 Week Introduction Courses let you learn and enjoy thirteen different dance styles at the excellent price of $100 for 12 lessons! No partner needed.
Give The Perfect Gift Looking for that perfect gift for someone who has everything? We think that a pre-paid membership to our Introduction, Intermediate or Private lessons is sure to be a big hit.
Dance Your Way To Good Health Dance is the best form of exercise - because it is great fun, so you don't realize you are working out!
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Saturday April 04 , 2020
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Welcome To Ezydance

Are you here because you like to dance - and by that I mean "real" dancing with a partner? Would you like to learn to dance ballroom, latin or maybe a waltz or another wedding dance? Perhaps you have done some dancing, but a long time ago,or you want to improve your skills. Great! Then you are in the right place! We certainly can help you achieve your goals.

Ron and Chana Bampton

We are Ron and Chana Bampton and we have set up this website because latin and ballroom dancing is, and always has been, our lives' passion. To us, and many people out there, there is no better way to enjoy music than to immerse oneself in the dance, moving to the beat and in the mood of the rhythm, arm in arm with a partner.

In our long careers in dancing, which started many years ago as teenagers, we have been taught by and have taught many a great dancer. As professional dancers we have also competed in and won Australia wide competitions.

For many years now we have been running Ezydance Studios, where (literally) thousands of people have learned how to dance! In that time we have developed and perfected our own teaching method we like to call the Ezyway, aimed at getting you dancing all the popular styles in the shortest time possible. In fact, most students find they can confidently and competently tackle social dancing after only 12 lessons!

At our Ezydance latin and ballroom dance lessons you can learn to dance the steps and techniques of all the popular dances:

The Ezyway method works based on repetition. We have found in our dance teaching careers that people learn quickest by repeating the steps often, so our beginner dance lessons ensure that the steps are reinforced every two weeks, by splitting the dance styles we teach into two groups (we call them Group A and Group B) and then alternating these every week! Sounds simple? It is - but it works! The problem with other teaching techniques which focus on a particular style in a dance lesson is that it becomes weeks or months before that dance style is taught again and by then the student is back to square one. Using the Ezyway method the steps are reinforced over and over until they are "danced without thinking"! We use the same approach of repetition to build upon the steps learnt in our Intermediate dance lessons, where we work on general partnering, leading and following, developing technique and adding steps to your repertoire - for dances in the particular group being taught that week.

We continue to receive great feedback on our approach, and the fact that in the Introduction (Beginner's) dance lessons you learn to dance the steps by yourself without requiring a partner. This works very well because it lets you learn at your own pace. There are two main reasons we prefer this to other teaching techniques which throw couples together from day one. First is that as a couple, students are more worried and inhibited by issues of how to dance together, which distracts from learning the basic steps. But even worse: one of the students in every couple ends up learning the steps quicker, which has the unfortunate side effect that the other person is 'led along' rather than learning and becoming confident of the steps on their own.

So, in summary, what you learn in our dance lessons at the Ezydance Studios is how to dance your own steps or routine, (as opposed to sequences) which means you learn the technique, footwork and how to lead and follow - with the end result that you become a graceful and confident dancer in any social setting, whether it be a wedding, a ball, a casual dance or, if you desire and put in the time and effort, even social or professional ballroom competitions! We can also provide you with private dance lessons customized for your specific needs (e.g. wedding first dance).

Before you peruse the rest of the website, we'll leave you with one final thought... If the idea of the fun and social interaction of social dancing is not enough to have you itching to get out on the dance floor, then maybe you should consider the many health benefits. Through ballroom dancing you get all the typical benefits of a low impact workout (resistance and cardio training), plus you also get many mental / psychological / de-stress benefits through the creative and musical/rhythmic nature of dance routines (see this page for more information).

And now, please take your time to browse and enjoy our website and we hope to see you soon on the dance floor!

Ron and Chana Bampton.


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Deb and I started dancing with Ron Bampton at Ezydance almost 2 years ago.

We had been thinking about it for sometime (or should I say Deb had been thinking about it), she would give me a bit of a nudge every now and then to gauge my reaction. We had friends who could dance and always watched them having a good time on the dance floor. Deb read one of Ron's ads in the local paper and away we went.

The introductory classes were a great way to start, individually we learnt the basic steps for 14 dances over 10 weeks. We did 7 dances one week and then the other 7 dances the next week, we kept repeating the programs (5 of each) and by the end of the 10 weeks we were ready to put it all together on the dance floor with intermediate lessons.

It's a great way to learn to dance and Ron's programs are so cheap compared to many studios.

Over the past 2 years, we have made some great friends at Ron's social dances and we have gone on to compete at a few of the Ballroom and Latin competitions with some success.

We now even help Ron run some of the introductory classes and have had many of our friends/colleagues join up.

These days, people tell us how good we look on the dance floor and we tell them how easy it is to learn!!

It's good fun and healthy exercise.

Cheers, Steve and Deb from Morphett Vale.